The Mendoza Elementary B.R.I.C.K. Academy

Scary Stories

The BRICKsters have been working on memorizing stories from the book “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” Below are the links to the videos found on


The Bride: Kimberly, Jasmine, Marissa and Ana


Bloody Fingers: Erick, Andreu and Carlos


The Bad News: Oscar, Erick and Andreu


The Girl Who Stood on a Grave: Samantha, Jasmine, and Andrea


The Thing: Jordan, Kaori, Giovanni, Nate, Karla and Cynthia

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The final assessment results are in. Check back soon for a link to all the great information of the past school year.

Reading Week Winners!

Congratulations to Karla Carmona and Esmeralda Vazquez for their winning book reviews. Walker Furniture sponsored a district-wide contest during Nevada Reading Week, and we had both a 1st place winner with Karla and 2nd place with Esmeralda (from the entire district!!). Way to go
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