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String Art

Each year, BRICKsters begin their journey with the arts with this months-long project. Beginning with a simple piece of wood, students sand for smooth edges then prime and paint their color of choice.Next, the students receive a design template. From here, they must measure, erase, and measure again  and mark where each and every one of their hundreds of nails must go on the board. At this point, students are learning math skills, patience and focus.When each place is marked, the students begin nailing…and nailing….and nailing! After boxes and boxes of nails and many lessons in concentration, the students are taught how to string their prjects using colors of their choice. The result is a beautiful project they can keep forever.

Below are the final projects of the 2012 BRICKsters.

String Art

4 Responses to “String Art”

  1. Kehau says:

    I had a really nice time when i was making my string art

  2. kaori says:

    Everyone`s project looks so cool!Not to be bragging or anything but,I will go down in string art history!Do you know why?:)I was the only one to do the Eiffel Tower! Thank you Mr. Brecht! (p.s I MISS ALL OF YOU ALL SO VERY DEARLY!);)

  3. kaori says:

    Everyone`s project looks so amazing!Not to be bragging but, I will go down in string art history! Know why?:)Because I was the only one to make the Eiffel Tower AND,no one has ever done it before! Thank you Mr. Brecht you`re the best teacher ever! (p.s.I miss all of you guys SO VERY MUCH)

  4. andreu says:

    I look cool with the room full of string art.

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The final assessment results are in. Check back soon for a link to all the great information of the past school year.

Reading Week Winners!

Congratulations to Karla Carmona and Esmeralda Vazquez for their winning book reviews. Walker Furniture sponsored a district-wide contest during Nevada Reading Week, and we had both a 1st place winner with Karla and 2nd place with Esmeralda (from the entire district!!). Way to go
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