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Halloween Masks

Using medical grade cast-plaster strips, BRICKsters make Halloween Masks. For a week or two each year, the classroom turns into something like a surgical center or operating room. A team of about six students work together to delicately make these masks. Again, the process is the focus and teamwork is the goal.

After covering a face with Vaseline to prevent injury, one student at a time lies on a group of desks and is covered with a towel. Other students then cut strips of plaster bandages, dip them in water. Placers then place the bandages on the face while other students are ready to wipe away excess water. Once the strips of bandages have been placed all over the face, it dries and we slide it off the face. The outcome is a wonderful mask they paint and keep forever while having had fun working together as a team.

Check out the Masks of 2012.

Halloween Masks


4 Responses to “Halloween Masks”

  1. Nate Mares says:


  2. Jordan King says:

    The whole entire process of making a mask was really weired. Everything though worked out and I got a really awesome mask. Thanks Mr. Brecht!

    P.S. Everybody’s mask awesome, everyone besides Kaori though. :) JUST KIDDING!!!!

  3. kehau says:

    i really love the hallaween mask i hope every body had fun

  4. kaori says:

    I loved everyone`s mask! If it was not for our AMAZINGLY AWSOME teacher Mr.Bretch we would not be having the best time of our lives! Thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you, so very much!!!!!!! :)

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Reading Week Winners!

Congratulations to Karla Carmona and Esmeralda Vazquez for their winning book reviews. Walker Furniture sponsored a district-wide contest during Nevada Reading Week, and we had both a 1st place winner with Karla and 2nd place with Esmeralda (from the entire district!!). Way to go
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