Justin Brecht

IMG_7626Justin Brecht is our 1st recipient of the 2014 CCEA HUMANTARIAN CERTIFICATE
Recently married to Sandy Miller E School Psychologist Kiara Paulucci, who recommended JUSTIN for this award, describes him as passionate, dedicated and inspiring!

Justin is the founder of the BRICK ACADEMY, Building Responsible Independent Compassionate Kids, where he has a 9 ½ hour instructional day, which includes extended math, science activities, book clubs, and other enrichment/sports/art programs.

Justin’s students perform several productions throughout the year to celebrate achievements and contributions of various cultural groups: singing, dancing, recitation of poems and art presentations.

Justin’s students foster self-confidence and demonstrate how others have overcome obstacles on the way to greatness

Justin enriches his students learning with monthly field trips on the weekends that are directly tied to instructional units (college campuses, hikes to Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas Wetland, The Bodies Exhibit, which broaden the students horizon by often providing them with their first exposure to the world of arts, museums and exploration of the great outdoors

Justin provides character instruction inspired by Jim Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and Kohlberg’s Levels of Moral Development.

Justin’s students are challenged to reflect on their own and other’s actions and decisions, he encourages them to develop and live by their own set of moral standards

Justin provides student with service opportunities that not only include collecting donations but also engages them in directly assisting and interacting with the people that their activities are impacting.

Justin’s has a B.S. in political science with an emphasis in Cultural Studies from Colorado State University and a Master’s in Education from UNLV as part of the Teach for America Program.
Originally he had aspirations to effect positive change through the political world. However, since working with children at a local recreation center, he found his calling!
Justin decided he wanted to effect change in the lives of students from low income areas, with the goal of making his students ready to compete with students from more privileged communities.
The BRICK Academy was created and founded of out of this desire.

He spends his free time finding ways to improve the program (really!!!) He is immensely dedicated to his students’ academic and personal development. His passion and commitment is to prepare his students for a bright future is utterly inspiring.

I present to you, founder of the BRICK ACADEMY, located within JF Mendoza ES, MR. JUSTIN BRECHT, 2014 CCEA HUMANTARIAN CERTIFICATE