The Mendoza Elementary B.R.I.C.K. Academy

2012-2013 Picnic Kick-Off

  • Beach Volleyball Beach Volleyball Students try to beat younger siblings.
  • Summer Swinging Away Summer Swinging Away
  • Summer Swinging Away Summer Swinging Away
  • Relaxing at the Park Relaxing at the Park
  • Last Days of Summer Fun Last Days of Summer Fun
  • Ready to Eat! Ready to Eat!
  • Need the Shade! Need the Shade!

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The final assessment results are in. Check back soon for a link to all the great information of the past school year.

Reading Week Winners!

Congratulations to Karla Carmona and Esmeralda Vazquez for their winning book reviews. Walker Furniture sponsored a district-wide contest during Nevada Reading Week, and we had both a 1st place winner with Karla and 2nd place with Esmeralda (from the entire district!!). Way to go
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  • Bristlecone Bristlecone
  • Las Vegas 51s Las Vegas 51s

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