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To follow up our outdoor trips to Red Rock and Hoover Dam, we traveled to the Clark County Wetlands Park to view nature right in our own backyard. The wonderful park staff led us on a great tour to see the unique plants and animals of the area, as well as guiding us to the sights and sounds of the area. We saw the Las Vegas Wash at its best, tasted some plants, and even got a little “snow” in Vegas. We then went inside the brand new exhibit gallery to continue our learning of habitats and much more.

Wetlands Park


Hoover Dam+

After an already very busy April, the BRICKsters traveled to the Clark County Heritage Museum to learn all about the history of our county. We discovered how Las Vegas was once under an ocean, examined ancient cultures in the area, studied the mining and geology of southern Nevada, witnessed how gaming has grown, explored a mining ghost town, and walked through history in the homes of Clark County. We then traveled to Hoover Dam to see one of the greatest engineering feats in human history. After traversing the border of Arizona and Nevada and taking a tour, we ended our day on the Tillman Bridge before heading back to Mendozaland!



After a unit on land forms and geology, and learning about the concepts of erosion and the water cycle, students took a hiking trip to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. After a short stop at the visitor’s center to read about the canyon and say hello to some to turtles, we hiked up and down the canyon, scrambling around the stones of the Calico Tanks trail. Thanks to all the parents for helping to make this a successful trip!

Rec Rock Canyon



While preparing for our “Romeo and Juliet” play, BRICKsters attended the Nevada Conservatory Theater’s performance of the play at the University of Las Vegas Nevada. While there, we toured the campus and discussed future ambitions and what it takes to get to college.

Click on the image for pictures from the show!

October Museums


To help build COMPASSION in students, we organized a community service project that would end up giving over 4,600 articles of clothing to individuals and families in need. After each class at Mendoza collected the clothes, the BRICKsters counted each article and put them into bags and boxes. Our class was bursting at the seams when all were collected. Students, with the help of our wonderful parents, then gave up a Saturday to load all the bags up and drive down to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, an organization focusing on servicing the homeless community. After a tour of the facility, the BRICKsters then organized the clothes into men’s women’s and children’s sections, and then helped people find what they needed as part of the give-away. It was a wonderful night of service, learning and giving.

Clothing Drive


In February, the BRICKsters went to the Springs Preserve to learn about Las Vegas history and science. We were able to catch a bird show with the winged creatures flying inches from our heads. We learned about geologic concepts such as erosion and classifying minerals. We examined how insects can play a vital role in solving homicides and other crimes. Local Paiute Indians were on site to share some of their fantastic culture. In the Nevada History Museum, students came face to face with the remains of some of Nevada’s prehistoric creatures while getting to know Mark Twain even more. The exciting day included many more activities while providing inspiration. Thank you to the staff of the Springs Preserve for such an incredible day!

Preserve + NV History



The wonderful staff, cast and crew at Las Vegas Academy created a magical performance of the classic play “Oklahoma!” The BRICKsters enjoyed a wonderful evening of art, dance, singing and acting coupled with a backstage tour and a ride on the stage! Please check out the images showing the BRICKsters preparing for the performance with a little square dancing and then attending the event. We are eternally grateful to all thise who contributed to making this night one to remember. Please excuse any blurry images…the stage was moving!


Above, click on the image to see pictures from the performance night.

Below, students prepare for “Oklahoma!” with a little square dancing!


For the 2nd year in a row, Las Vegas Academy has treated the BRICKsters to a magical night of entertainment. This year we were delighted by an Elizabethan Greenshow full of comedy and interactive performances.We were then thrilled with a great performance of “The Taming of the Shrew.” Finally, we had an up-close and personal discussion with the cast and crew and were given a backstage tour where we learned about set design, props, lighting, and so much more while being able to explore the stage. A huge THANK YOU to the wonderful staff and students at Las Vegas Academy- your inspiration and impact will be felt for years to come!

Click on the image below for pictures from the incredible evening.

Las Vegas Academy



The wonderful staff and students at Las Vegas Academy invited us back one more time this year to see the fantastical adventure story “Still Life With Iris.” As always, they treated us so well as we got to meet the cast and crew with a special backstage tour. It was a magical night. We loved meeting “The Goods” with their one of everything, and enjoyed how the lightning was made, and could not stop talking about the “Ray of Sunshine.” Thanks again to the wonderful people at LVA.

Still LIfe With Iris


Check out the pictures from the culminating activity for George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”IMAG1253IMAG1252IMAG1247IMAG1245IMAG1244IMAG1239IMAG1237IMAG1236IMAG1228IMAG1227IMAG1226IMAG1227



After discovering how blood moves through the body, the process of digestion, various bones and other systems in the body, BRICKsters went to the Luxor Hotel and Casino to see the human body up close and personal. An amazing time was had by all as they deepened their knowledge.

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Reading Week Winners!

Congratulations to Karla Carmona and Esmeralda Vazquez for their winning book reviews. Walker Furniture sponsored a district-wide contest during Nevada Reading Week, and we had both a 1st place winner with Karla and 2nd place with Esmeralda (from the entire district!!). Way to go
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